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swift – Flutter – iOS Plugin add system .tbd library?

I write an iOS Plugin which want so as to add third get together frameworks. And the third get together sdk additionally want add libresovl.9.tbd library.
I put the third get together frameworks in risk_management/ios/Frameworks:
enter image description here

After which in .podspec:

enter image description here

Then I run my flutter software, the error is ‘ld: library not discovered for -lresolv.9.tbd’

I attempt to add ‘lresolv.9.tbd’ in XCode challenge like this:
enter image description here

I run in xcode, it really works effectively. However After I return to flutter challenge in VSCode then run ‘pod set up’. the lresolv.9.tbd’ which I add to XCode disappear!

So add system lresolv.9.tbd library in iOS plugin appropriately?



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